Anyone who talks to me for more than 5 minutes is probably able to gather that I'm interested in pretty much everything. Some secret passions I have: character design, architecture, interior design, chocolate tasting, voice acting... just to name a few!

On this page you will find examples of my:


~Character Design

~Concept Art




To the left is my accordion mime. I believe him to be my spirit-character....

Anyhow: hope you enjoy!


To view more examples of my design work click here.


Character Design

To view more examples of my character design work click here.


Concept Art

 To view more examples of my concept art work click here.


To view more examples of my hand drawings work click here.


To view more examples of my face sketching work click here.


January of 2013 I wrote and illustrated my first children's book "The Last Yaya." Here are some illustrations of the book. If you are interested in purchasing a copy, send me a message and I can set that up with you!

"The Last Yaya follows the adventure of Yaya, the last of her kind, as she searches for other Yayas. Looking in every place she can think of (the library, in trees, the circus, everywhere!) she becomes increasingly disappointed with the lack of results. But in the end her fear of the monster under her bed steers her in a new direction."

Below are the 4 pages that make up my comic "Yes." I made this back in 2011.

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