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Directing Reel

For a taste of my overall style, here is my most recent directing reel 
which features clips from 10 pieces I have directed.

Kira Bursky Directing Reel 2015 from Kira Bursky on Vimeo.

Kira Bursky Directed Shorts
Short films:
"Sleepyhead" - 2012
"Fool's Paradise" - 2012
"Bye Bye Lullaby" - 2013
"Girly" - 2013
"Clean" - 2013
"Eating for Beginners" - 2013
"What are you?" - 2013
"Hello From Malaysia" - 2014
"We're Okay" - 2014
"The Beckoning" - 2014
"Demons in Disguise" - 2014
"Tree Hugger" - 2015

"Hattie" - 2015
"Togetherness" - 2015, co-directed with Abbey Sacks


(a musical comedy web series co-directed by Kira Bursky and Wayne Culpepper)

"Big" - 2014
"ALS Ice Bucket Challenge Fail" - 2014
"Halfway" - 2014
"The Antidote" - 2014
"Use That Talent" - 2014


Music Videos

"Warm Rush" by Miss Whimsy - 2014
"Beautiful Creature" by Miss Whimsy - 2014
"Feather" by Jonathan Brown - 2014


Freelance / Commercial / Various

"9-Day Production in 2 Minutes of Time-Lapse" (for Fisheye Studios, Greenville, SC) - Editor, 2014
"Borderwoods" (Director: Miles Carey) - Editor, 2014
"Windows" (for Sony) - Director, 2015
"Really Looking" (a film for Massada Eyewear) - Director, in pre-production


IA Productions 

(co-directed films with Mida Chu)

"Looking Through" - 2012
"First Dusk" - 2012
"Wait in Silence" - 2012


A few films:

"We're Okay": Fantasy drama about teen depression and sexuality. Delilah has decided to kill herself on her 18 birthday, but her friend Lena surprises her with a birthday party. We see how Delilah is truly feeling in her stop motion animated circus world mind.

"Warm Rush": Animated Music Video that takes us on an adventure to discover how Miss Whimsy became a volcano.

"Demons in Disguise": Children's Dark Comedy- A teenage girl decides to seek revenge against her "demon" mother.

To view my other films, here is the link to my Vimeo page:
To view Absurducopia, here is the link to the Youtube page:

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