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 GUYS! I now have an official website for Miss Whimsy! Check it out!:

Well, I know you guys think my name is "Kira Bursky" but the truth is my name is Miss Whimsy. I was born with an accordion strapped onto my chest and a shaker implanted into my sock... 

But in all seriousness: Miss Whimsy is my band. Lately I've been jammin' mostly on my guitar, but my tunes feature my accordion, ukelele, shaker, bells, etc!  I just released my first music album "Confused Travels" this past December! I've been working with various instrumentalists, including (but not limited to) violin, cello, marimba, and percussion! For this album my lovely friend Abbey Sacks did back-up vocals.

If you are interested in staying updated with Miss Whimsy, like my band's page on facebook!:
And if you wanna check out some music vids and live recordings, here's the link to my youtube!:
Miss Whimsy on Youtube

My first time busking...

But for some more sentimental value, here is the first complete song I ever recorded- this was a little over three years ago... time flies when you're making music (and movies and friends... and eating chocolate... drinking tea... all that jazz)!:

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