Tuesday, September 24, 2013

Senior Year Begins! Project Updates~

On set for Eating for Beginners.... a foodie comedy of course.
Well, here I am... sitting in the on campus Stone Hotel lobby. I'm getting ready to meet with the Singer-songwriter instructor at my school. As one of my classes this year, I'm doing an independent study on completing an entire album in a semester. So, yes, by the end of this semester I will have a music album for sale. I don't want to give away any secret details to the album yet, but right now I'm thinking the album's overall theme is about means of traveling (both literally and metaphorically). And for those of you don't yet know, my artist name is Miss Whimsy...! Boy I do love the word whimsy.

This is Delilah-
the doll I shall be animating!
In addition to that, I am taking another independent study on stop motion animation. The end product to this class will be an animated music video... meaning: by the end of this semester I will have both a music album and at least one music video to go along with it!

My senior capstone film (aka, a thesis film) is currently in pre-production. It is going to be a 15 minute live action AND animated film. This summer I worked with Cindy Riccardelli, a doll maker and artist, and she designed and built me a 1 foot doll. I named the doll Delilah and she will be the star (well, the animated star!) in the film. The story is about trying to escape the fears in your life that make you feel trapped, and additionally, the dichotomy of how we present ourselves to the world (the live-action half to the movie) versus how we are actually feeling internally (the animated half of the movie.) The script is currently in the process of being made, and a Kickstarter is soon to follow. Stay tuned for that.

My last short film "Eating for Beginners" went quite well! It is indeed complete, but I am not 100% satisfied with the audio in some of the scenes so I decided to hold off on releasing it until I fix that. So, this Thanksgiving (when I go back home on break) I will try to ADR the scenes that need to be fixed, and once that is done: BAM! Festivals, vimeo, etc....

DP (Andy Crespo) and I looking at the shot.

Wonderful Wayne Culpepper doing stunts. What a koala-man.

Most of the cast (and me)~

Mmmm foood....

Workin with the kid actors on the picnic scene!

Girly (my junior thesis film) got into the Guam International Film Festival.

As always, I have lots of projects underway.... the ones I've mentioned are only a few of them.... on top of all of that I am in the process of working on an animated short film with my two best friends (Miles and Abbey), I'm class president (and well, there are a LOT of projects and tasks that go along with that), I went busking for the first time a week ago and made $22 with Abbey in 45 minutes, I had my first live performance of a song this past Friday (and the crowd was probably around 200 people I'd say), I'm starting to organize a short documentary to be shot soon for Brother Wolf, etc, etc, etc.... so many things to do, such little time! BUT I LOVE IT ALL!

Abbey and I singin'
The audience! 
Buskin' time!

Well, that's the brief update of most of what's happening in my life! Feel free to ask any questions for a more detailed update.


  1. Thanks for sharing this blog. So exciting. Can't wait to see and hear all of it.

  2. Great to catch up with your many endeavors! Such an inspired juggler you are.