Sunday, May 11, 2014

Last two weeks of High School!

Firstly: Hey I turned 18 a few days ago! I'm an adult! So strange! So lovely!
Some of my friends and green-me on the day of my birthday!
Being green on the day I turned 18 was never part of the plan!

Secondly: I'm sitting at my favorite coffee shop in Traverse City: Brew. My nickname is Bru Bru (my last name is Bursky, which got shortened to Bur, then Bru). Why did I tell you my nickname? I don't quite frankly know... None-the-less: I graduate from high school in 13 days.

Current thoughts: I am extremely excited to pursue my "gap year." I've been reconsidering what I'm going to do with my time. The first thing I've reconsidered: I do not want to make a definitive plan. Thusly, I am no longer set on making my first feature film (and believe me, reconsidering this was a heart-wrenching process, but in the end seemed more than logical). Why? Well, my whole life has been schedule-based. I want to retrain my mind and way of life. I want to be more flexible and more able to live in the moment. The only way for me to do this is to stop planning out every minute. But: I do have some plans. The two big ones: In June I'm competing in the Asheville 48 Hour Film Project for the 5th year in row. So happy to reunite with my familew (family + crew = familew). The other plan: I am gonna move to LA for a bit. Maybe it'll be just a month, maybe it'll be for years. Who knows! I just want to experience new things and work on films and meet people in a big city. I'm from New York, but it's time to try out the West coast!

I'm looking for jobs / internships and a place to stay in LA. I'd like to move on out there in the next few months- probably sometime after August. Let me know if you're looking for a roommate... or know of a job! I'm honestly pumped to help out on anything and everything!

Other current thoughts: I am frightened. I am about to step out into the real world. And if / when I go to LA I am afraid of being alone. BUT: I know that I will meet new people and make new friends! I love people!

In other news: I just released a new music video for my song Beautiful Creature:

I also was sponsored to travel to the most amazing film festival ever and I made a VLOG of my trip:

Gosh I just need to reiterate: going to NFFTY was life changing. The experience and the way life felt while being there was so unique. Everything was so exhilarating and wonderful and I met so many fantastic individuals. My music video for Warm Rush was accepted and screened at the fest. I really hope I am fortunate enough to be accepted into the festival next year. I would do anything to go again and to reunite with these brilliantly wonderful people.

We're Okay Updates

So We're Okay premieres Friday! That's less than a week! I have been busily working on finishing up animation and editing. I am getting closer and closer, but wow oh wow! I'm nervous! And excited! And busy! I do wish I had more time, but hey, deadlines allow me to see better creative alternatives. So that's good I guess!

Various Festival Updates

"Girly" won Best U.S. Narrative and "What Are You?" won Best U.S. Animation at The Lovett School High School Film Fest. 

"Hello from Malaysia" has been selected as one of the top three entries for the "Theme" category and "Warm Rush" has been selected as one of the top three entries for the "Music Video" category at the Cresskill High School Film Festival in Cresskill, NJ May 22nd.

Girly was accepted to the West Chester Film Festival in West Chester, PA and screened April 25-27!

Random Updates

I've also been busily editing my best friend Miles' capstone film "Border Woods." For more information on this film, check out his recently successful Kickstarter project:

I've also decided to document the last 20 days till graduation by drawing one hand a day. Once I'm done with that I'll turn it into a collage and post it on here. It's been fun. And if you didn't already know, I'm utterly obsessed with drawing hands and I have been since I was 12 or so years old. 

A few days ago I started shooting a music video for my song West Wind. My best friend Abbey did face paint for me.


Well I'm hungry. I'm gonna go get sushi or Middle Eastern food. Sushi vs. falafel? This is the strife that a foodie must face each day. Oh, dear life, please bless me with the ability to be decisive when it comes to choosing food! I JUST LOVE ALL FOOD SO MUCH. Food = life. Life = food? My logic is broken. Why? Because I am hungry. But that was logical.


Wish me luck with finishing up We're Okay! 



  1. I wish you so much luck and know that the next year will be an exciting journey! Thanks for the updates. So exciting!

  2. Great running into you last Saturday and now I know part of what you were up to. Hope t see you and you parents this next week.
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