Friday, July 18, 2014

Summer Days

My best friend Miles Carey and I sitting on a dock in Mackinac Island.
I'm sitting in an awesome coffee shop called Spill the Beans in Greenville, SC. I'm drinking some hazelnut coffee and I'm thinking about what all of my friends may be up to. I just graduated a boarding school, and well, all of my friends are from all over the world. It's strange to think that we are all existing at the same time, but none of us are experiencing things together any longer. It's also strange not knowing if and when I'll reunite with these folk of my past. How can you love someone thousands of miles away? A text message doesn't suffice. A letter? A phone call? There is nothing comparable to simultaneously experiencing the world. It's lonesome these days without the company of my tight knit group of pals. I took them for granted at times and didn't even realize how tight we were until I no longer had them. But I guess that's life. I just wish I could experience the essence of vibrant friendship in these days of summer. It's a feeling of magic that most movies can't even capture. Being around people you love and people who appreciate the brilliance of the moment opens up for a world of much more ebullience, warmth, and vigor. It's sometimes hard to find that enchanting reality from within yourself, by yourself.

My best friend Abbey Sacks and I on the night of Halloween.

My best friend (and insanely talented singer-songwriter of The Accidentals) and I at the end of a school day.
My fantastic roommate Ivy Carpenter and I waiting for the train...

One extremely fantastic group of people that I did have the chance to be with recently was my team for the 48 Hour Film Festival.  This group of individuals is composed of best friends I've had for a while, as well as new friends who I've just recently met. This year I picked out of the hat "Dark Comedy" so I wrote a script about a polygamist goat farmer, his wives who are competing for his love, and their one young daughter who has run away from home to become a gym instructor. Here's the film!:

The main thing I'm up to right now is pre-production for a short children's film that I'm shooting next weekend (July 26th and 27th). A teenage girl's mother says she can't have a sleepover with her friend, so she decides to seek revenge by putting pee in her mother's coffee. Yummy story, right?! My D.P. and I have been putting together storyboards and in the next few days my A.D./Producer, my D.P. and I will be putting together a schedule. 
Brad Hoover, my D.P., poses as one of the characters in the top picture while we work on storyboards.
Other Various Updates

Girly has been accepted to and was screened at the 2014 Princeton Student Film & Video Festival July 16th and 17th.

July 10th Bye Bye Lullaby and Warm Rush were screened at the Josiah Media Festival in San Antonio, TX where Warm Rush actually took 2nd Place in the Experimental Category. I skyped in July 12th for the awards ceremony where they interviewed all of the winners. 

Went on a road trip to Texas. Went to my first dance club. Tried real cajun food in Louisiana. Made music. Listened to music. Fun times!

I wrote my first 1-minute screenplay. It's called The Cycle of Sneezes. Of all things I've ever written, this seems like the easiest to pull off... I mean, it's only one page! Logline: Did you know that every time you sneeze someone's thinking about you?

I wrote a screenplay about a transgender child. I really hope to shoot this sometime soon. Logline: A little boy struggles with his identity as he finds himself attracted to both the popular boy at his school and girls clothing.

I've been working on scoring some music for an upcoming film of my friend Rachel Lin. I met her at NFFTY in Seattle this past year and she actually won the New Talent Award. She is such an awesome gal. Check out her film Iceberg which was screened at NFFTY:


Well I'm off to plotting out some crazy plans for the near future.
Have a lovely day, and always: stay hydrated!


  1. I enjoyed watching your short film, Girly. I found it on youtube. What struck me was its emotional depth and its overall production quality. What camera did you use to shoot it? Good luck with your new projects btw!

    1. Hey Charlie! I'm so happy you found & enjoyed my film! Thank you for your kind comments. :) It was actually almost all shot on my Canon 7D. The slow-mo shots were done on a 5D! I'm a big fan of DSLRs. Thanks again!