Wednesday, March 11, 2015

Writing a Feature! Tree Hugger Updates! Alabama!

Why hello there!

My breakfast from the Butcher's Daughter... oh yes. Oh yes indeed.
I just ate a steamed pork bun and finished my milk bubble tea. I still have 3 Chinese pastries to eat. Oops. I just ate half of one. And guess what? It's a dessert I've been searching for for 4 years! I ate it when I went to China and have been craving one ever since. It's a coconut rice cake thing-- this one was filled with peanut. I'm literally passed out on the floor with happiness & love right now. (Okay, I lied, I'm sitting on a chair typing... but in my head I'm passed out on the floor). Oh, and yesterday I ate at a Kosher Vegan Chinese restaurant?! And then today I ate at a Vegan restaurant called the Butcher's Daughter (what an amazing name for a Vegan restaurant). I'm not Vegan... but I've been obsessed with finding Vegan restaurants this week! Ha. Yum yum.

Tree Hugger Updates

So the picture is locked for Tree Hugger! My sound designer will be working on the film this weekend and tomorrow morning I meet with my colorist who will begin working on color grading this weekend as well! So a few weeks ago Nicolas Martin sent me back the score for the film... and let me just say... I am once again in awe of his musical genius. He perfectly captured the whimsy, magic, and dark fairytale vibe I was going for. He scored my film Girly 2 years ago and since then I've been dying to work with him again. So grateful that I had the chance!

These past couple of weeks I've been researching all of the festivals I want to enter. Let me know if you have any suggestions! I've become quite addicted to film festivals. It's this amazing phenomenon of creative people, filmmaking, eating, bonding & travel.... all my favorite things in one! Can't wait to do more of that... and speaking of which:

George Lindsey UNA Film Festival Trip 

Last Wednesday I left for the George Lindsey UNA Film Festival based in Florence, Alabama. My film Girly was selected as one of 30 films from 3,000 entries! They paid for my travels & accommodations and I stayed till Sunday. I met filmmakers from all over the world: Germany, Canada, Spain, Santa Fe, L.A., etc. This film festival really focused on making the experience amazing for the filmmakers. I miss my new friends so much already. But I know we will all stay in touch and cross paths again! That I will make sure of.

First Feature

On a plane heading to LA... while on the plane I day dreamed about the feature film screenplay.
During Valentine's Day weekend I had a breakthrough: it hit me all at once what feature film I wanted to make. I knew which story I had to tell. Here's the pitch (as quoted by my boss after telling him the concept): "You're writing the Disney Channel Polygamist movie." Yeah... something like that.... But in all seriousness: I don't have a logline yet (as I'm still fleshing out the plot) but here's one I came up with earlier today: A girl searches for a classical, fairytale romance but unexpectedly falls in love with a couple.

Prepare for magic! And love! And passion! And whimsicality! The past 2 or 3 weeks I've been fleshing out the plot, characters, etc. Alongside this I've been reading books on producing & financing films. I plan on utilizing my Tree Hugger film festival tour as a financing tour for my feature. In the next few months I will start looking for a producer for my film. If you are a female film producer with some experience and are reading this or if you know of a female producer with some experience, please contact me! Or if you are an investor or know an investor who may be interested, once again, please do contact me! In the next couple of months I will be writing up the business plan for the feature.

Film Festival & Various Updates

Demons in Disguise & Girly are official selections at Starlite Film Festival which took place in Winter Garden, Florida from Feb. 26 to Mar. 1 2015. Demons in Disguise won Best Domestic Student Short.

We're Okay and Demons in Disguise are official selections at National Film Festival for Talented Youth (NFFTY) located in Seattle, WA taking place from April 23rd to 26th.

Girly was named 1 of 30 finalist films in the 2015 George Lindsey UNA Film Festival in Florence, Alabama from March 5-7.

What Are You? has been accepted to the Boomtown Film & Music Festival which takes places in Beaumont, Texas from February 25th-28th!

I finished and turned in my short film for Sony! A few months ago my film We're Okay won a the All American High School Film Festival in NYC and one of the prizes was a new Sony camera-- in return I made Sony a short film.

Working on a collaboration with the awesome Grammy winning Eighth Blackbird Ensemble. Making a video to one of their songs for a live performance!

I finally got to go to LA. It's a crazy story... but 10 minutes into my Monday a couple weeks ago my job sent me on a random trip to LA?! It was so surreal. I had 30 minutes before a car picked me up and whisked me away to the airport. I was on a mission to get Morgan Spurlock his passport that very night! They put me up in an amazing hotel in Santa Monica. And then the next day I came back to NYC. Life is amazing.

About to start composing for my best friend Abbey Sacks' thesis film. It is so surreal and dreamy and magical. Cannot wait to create music for her!


Well, I guess I better go eat the rest of my Asian snacks & day dream some more about the world of my screenplay. Sending magic, hugs, and smiles to you!
Remember: stay hydrated!



  1. Wonderful few weeks. Very excited about the feature film storyline. Calming and intriguing. Auditions for the leads will be intense. Can't wait.

  2. I meant charming not calming. Never would you have a calming film.

  3. Kira om calming... om, om, om. Whup, so much for that. Fun while it lasted.