Thursday, June 27, 2013

48 Hour Film Project 2013- Complete!

It's Thursday and I have no voice. Well, what's left of my voice is reminiscent of a crotchety frog. Yep. Today is the third and final screening of my 48 hour film "Clean." I'm happy to say that for the second year in a row I got HORROR! Here is the trailer for the film:

Now for the details of how this weekend went down. At 7 on Friday the 21st we recieved our city's elements:
Prop: wallet
Line of dialogue: I don't trust her.
Character: Joe or Joanna Moroney, a dentist
For those of you who don't know what the 48 hour film project is, essentially you have 48 hours to make a complete film. Never would of guessed, right?!

This was my fourth year, and my third year with the same core crew. My cinematographer Kali, my assistant director Sam, my gaffer/assistant camera Wayne, and my audio man Byrd have been on my team for 3 years, and most of the rest of the crew for 2. Because I now live in Michigan during the school year (and because all of the people I mentioned above don't even live in Asheville!) each summer when we come together for this competition, it is like a big family reunion. I can't tell you how much I love these guys. Actually, when I tried to explain how much I loved them all to someone, I genuinely started to tear up... I'm such an emotional wreck!

The whole cast and crew!
Cinematographer Kali and I! We love each other.

I am so happy and proud of how the film turned out. It is actually probably my favorite film I have directed thus far. I am shocked with how it came out to be honest. Kali's cinematography is just... gosh. How about you take a look at it? Here are some shots from the film!:

This is the first film that I've completely scored myself. I didn't write the music during the 48 hours (that is not a guideline) but it is all original. One of my secret desires is to actually become a film score composer... that passion is actually just as strong as my passion to write/direct films. The music in the trailer is me if you wanna take a listen!

Now for some stories:
1. One of the shooting locations was a waterfall. My gaffer/A.C. Wayne (and actor actually!) prepped a Go Pro for time lapse in a bush next to the waterfall (we actually ended up not using it) but what we later discovered is that the bush was full of poison ivy. Furthermore, after we all left, Wayne actually went back to the waterfall to throw his water-proof camera off the waterfall for a cool shot. Unfortunately the camera wasn't rolling. But get this-- Wayne FELL OFF the waterfall. He is okay. BUT, the funniest part to all of this: he was actually just on American Ninja Warrior a few months ago. It should be airing this upcoming month. Oh Wayne.

The wonderful waterfall! (that Wayne FELL OFF OF.)

Wayne, the ninja warrior, about to launch the camera.

Reviewing the crazy shot.

2. LAST SHOT OF THE SHOOT. IT IS 1 IN THE MORNING AND THE FOLLOWING OCCURS: I see a bat. I freak out. It attacks me. I run inside the house shrieking. It attacks every single actor, plus Kali among other crew members. Moments later someone shouts from outside to me: IT'S A BUTTERFLY--- to which we all discovered in unison that it was actually just a massive moth. Later I researched it and found out it's called a Polyphemus moth. It's wingspan is an average of 6 inches. Also, the name Polyphemus actually means "to be known" or "famous." Kali, Sam and I decided that this bat-moth was a good omen. Or so we hope. The best part? All of the shrieking and screaming during the incident was recorded on audio. Thank you Byrd!

Moments after the moth incident.
 3. I finished writing the first script at 11. Yes, I said first for a reason. I called up one of my actors and when I asked if she was comfortable with swimming, she said no. The problem? Her character was supposed to drown. So I wrote a completely new script and finally finished at around 3:30. I think the second script was better anyways, but alas, now I have an extra script that I can shoot if I ever need one. Ha.

Many other things occurred on set, but, I think I've written enough. If you want more stories, leave a comment or question and I will get back to you! The film will probably be posted in the next few weeks. Wish my team luck with our last showing tonight at 7 and for awards. I really hope my team can win best film this year. We are a family and well, it would be nice for my family to win this year. Ha. If not this year, as I promised myself 4 years ago, I will continue to compete until we WIN! Cheerio ole chaps!

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